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What is tempered wood?

Tempering is a highly scientific drying process that the wood undergoes to make it lighter, stiffer and more stable than the industry standard kiln dried wood. Tempered wood is more resonant and has a longer natural sustain than wood that has not been treated. Click the Tempered Tonewoods logo to read more about the process.

What is the Cyclops single bolt neck attachment system?

The “Cyclops” is a proprietary method of neck attachment where an aluminum block is attached to a recess carved into the heel of the neck. This block protrudes from the neck and keys into another recess in the neck pocket. The neck is secured to the body with a single, large machine screw that goes through the back of the body and threads into the aluminum block.

The “Cyclops” eliminates the typical lateral (side to side) movement that you get with traditional bolt-on necks. This tight coupling enables string energy to transfer more efficiently between the neck and body resulting in increased sustain and acoustic resonance.

Can I get the Cyclops single bolt neck attachment system on a SERUS?

No. The Cyclops single bolt neck attachment system is only available on the SECTIS model.

What’s the deal with the glow-in-the-dark side dots on the SECTIS?

The SECTIS side dots are a product called Luminlay and they’re made from fluorescent acrylic. They charge quickly from a wide range of light sources and hold their charge for a substantial amount of time. The fluorescent material is surrounded by a 5mm diameter black ring so the markers are highly visible no matter how bright or dimly lit your stage is.


These guitars look cool. Where can I get one?

You can order any Novo model from one of our dealers. We do not sell direct. See the Dealers page for the Novo dealer nearest you.

What’s next for Novo?

We’re currently working on a semi-hollow design which will be available in both the SERUS and SECTIS lines. There’s a 24.75″ scale single cutaway design in the queue right behind those, and the first Novo bass is not far behind that.