Service & Repair


To prolong the life of the finish of your Novo, we recommend wiping down the entire instrument, including the strings, with a soft, clean, dry cloth after each use. Use an ultra-fine sanding sponge to maintain the smooth, slick feel of the back of your “raw” maple neck.

We recommend using Roche-Thomas Premium Fingerboard Oil to condition your rosewood fingerboard approximately every 6 months. Apply a small drop to each fret and work it into the surface with the tip of your finger. Let the oil sit for a few minutes and then wipe off the excess with a clean, dry paper towel.

Dirty or worn strings will cause loss of sustain and treble frequencies and may result in faulty intonation and tuning instability. Fresh strings will not only improve the overall tone of your guitar but will also make it more comfortable and enjoyable to play. We string all 25.5” necks with Stringjoy Signature 10-48 strings, and all 24.75” necks with Stringjoy Signature 11-50 strings.

Do not set your instrument on a stand or hanger fitted with chemically active synthetic tubing. Doing this may cause a chemical reaction with the finish on the neck or the body which could cause the finish to partially dissolve. Nitrocellulose is also prone to chemical reaction when it comes in contact with leather straps and other synthetic materials so avoid storing your instrument with your strap attached as this could cause the finish to dissolve in the contact areas. This damage is not covered under warranty.

Please remember that your instrument is temperature and humidity sensitive. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures or humidity as this can cause irreparable damage. Your instrument should never be exposed to direct sunlight or left in a hot car.


The Novo Limited Lifetime Warranty is valid, only when any repair is done:  

  • Directly by Novo Guitars in Nashville.

  • By a repair technician recommended by Novo.

In either case, any shipping and insurance costs are the owner's sole responsibility.